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Forthcoming Events - GGP or local Am-Dram Groups:

! Brand New Play !

Workshops for assessing and detailing a new play, 'Murder at Midnight', will be held on

Thursday 30th May and Thursday 20th June

Come along and help build a dramatic and fun production - and also hone acting skills!

venue:  Morrell Room, Streatley

time:   7.45pm - 10.00pm

Recent Events:

We are back again in 5th century Denmark. The humans are shaping their legends. Brave heroes, noble kings, gracious queens, magnificent victories, a glorious past, a shining future - all blessed by the Almighty Gods. All lies. Grendel has watched them. He has seen the brutal truth. He has talked with The Dragon. He will remind them, in no uncertain terms, of The Truth. 

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