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We are back again in 5th century Denmark. The humans are shaping their legends. Brave heroes, noble kings, gracious queens, magnificent victories, a glorious past, a shining future - all blessed by the Almighty Gods. All lies. Grendel has watched them. He has seen the brutal truth. He has talked with The Dragon. He will remind them, in no uncertain terms, of The Truth. 

Barrie Unplugged 


   with a weekend to recover!!     

Date:     Wednesday 29th May 2019

Venue:   Morrell Room, Streatley

Time:     7.45 for 8.00pm

Cost:      ABSOLUTELY FREE (this one’s on us)

Bring your own choice of drink (wine, beer, soft drink) as we have no licence


invite you to a fun evening of entertainment with the inimitable master of fun himself - Barrie Steele

Many of us know how entertaining Barrie is, but for those who don’t know him why not come along and find out for yourself
 - absolutely free of charge -
Much of the evening will include self-penned, humorous sketches (which Barrie has managed to rope some of us into performing!).   He will tell stories, recite poems and tell jokes which he has either gathered over the years or written himself.

All this while you sit back and relax at your table with your favourite tipple!

** Play Reading For Fun **

'Lady Audley's Secret'

Wednesday 15th May @ 8 o'clock in the evening at the Morrell Room, Streatley

Informal gathering - bring a bottle if you wish & some nibbles - tea & coffee provided 

THOR: The Norse Myths


These are stories of the Norse God of Thunder. This is not the Thor of the movies. He has flaming red hair, a massive red beard and blazing eyes. He is huge, the strongest of all the gods, quick-tempered and terrifying. He’s also not very bright, but who needs to be clever when you can solve most problems by smashing your adversary’s skull in with your invincible hammer? So, grab a goblet of mead, leave this Earth behind and come with Erik to the realm of Asgard, of the gods, the Frost Giants, the World Serpent, the Dark Elves, and Ragnarok - the end of everything. It’s a wild ride!

Friday 22nd February in the Morrell Room, Streatley

Doors open 7.30pm for 8.00 performance

Tickets 7.50 from: Inspiration, Goring Arcade

or:   01491 873530


Story-Telling sponsored by Goring Gap Players


An epic poem believed to be dated before the turn of the first century, it is a tale of mayhem and murder between the Geats (or Goths) and an attacking monster, Grendel.   Beowulf comes to the aid of the Danish King, Hrothgar, whose kingdom is at stake.


Erik Beaton, renowned as a story-teller and creative personality, brings the battle to its climax with his strong sense of timing and drama.


The poem was written by an unknown Anglo-Saxon poet in old English and, although badly damaged in a fire in the mid 1700s, the original manuscript survives and is currently kept in the British Museum.